The airy light chocolaty treat is available in three delicious flavours

September 2018

A Fresh Breeze with Schogetten Airy!

The first airy chocolate in the practical perfectly portioned Schogetten squares ensures a heavenly treat. The airy light chocolaty treat is available in three delicious flavours: ChocoVanilla and Dark Cherry.

Available from September!

FRITT characters

May 2018

Choose fun! Chew strips!

As of early summer 2018, the FRITT characters, who embody the colourful, funny and lively FRITT brand world, will be giving the brand a “new face” and bringing the FRITT packs “to life”. Let yourself be inspired by the cheeky fun and witty ways of the FRITT characters and enjoy the taste of the new look.

Available from May!

Our Taste of the Year for 2018

February 2018

An Innovative Composition: Our Taste of the Year for 2018

The Schogetten Taste of the Year for 2018, Yoghurt-Blueberry-Muesli, combines delightful Alpine milk chocolate with a fruity yoghurt-blueberry filling and crunchy muesli to create a unique and delicious treat that no one can resist. Try it now!

Available from February!

February 2018

Delicious New Schogetten Flavour in the Standard Range

Schogetten promises an even tastier start into the new year with four new flavours: Trilogia StrawberryStracciatella, Latte Macchiato and the popular for Kids flavour with a new recipe. The unique Schogetten delight – piece by delicious piece.

Available from February!