Quality & Sustainability

Strictly tested and uncompromisingly guaranteed

Our production operations are structured in line with HACCP concepts in order to guarantee the highest standards of hygiene. As well as using our well-equipped laboratories for quality assurance and quality control purposes, we also work with external, independent institutes. This commitment, which far exceeds legal requirements, is part of our corporate culture.

Actively committed to nature and the environment

Ludwig Schokolade is aware of its responsibility to respect ethical and social principles in the course of its business activities and promote a sustainable approach to the environment and natural resources. That is why our company has been committed to sustainability in the cocoa sector for a number of years.

Ludwig Schokolade has been a member of „The Good Inside Cocoa“ initiative since the early days and works as a certified partner alongside „UTZ Certified“, the „Rainforest Alliance“ and „Fairtrade“.

In addition, Ludwig Schokolade has been a member of the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa since the very beginning.

The aims of the initiative include:

  • Improving the living conditions of cocoa farmers and their families and playing a role in guaranteeing a secure livelihood
  • Protecting and preserving natural resources and biodiversity in the farming countries
  • Increasing the production and marketing of sustainably grown cocoa

One important project related to the subject of sustainability involved the establishment of the SUSCOM company group with its subsidiary in the Ivory Coast. This ensures direct collaboration with the cocoa cooperatives and the supply of certified cocoa from sustainably managed farms. This initiative was only made possible at local level through the cooperation with the previously taken over Fuchs & Hoffmann Kakaoprodukte GmbH.

Furthermore, Ludwig Schokolade only uses RSPO-certified palm oil from sustainable sources in all its products and production facilities.


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