September 2017

A good mood guaranteed!

Hip and cool emoticons printed on creamy milk chocolates filled with
fine milk cream put a smile on your face: perfect as small gift, to enjoy
on your own and to share with friends!

Available from September!

September 2017

Sweet temptations from Schogetten!

The Candy Shop is open! Sweet times with Schogetten’s limited edition
Candy Shop. Three delicious flavours: Gingerbread, Maple & Nut and
Candy Apple – simply irresistible!

Available from September! For a limited time only!

March 2017

Tasty Trilogy!

The impressive “Trilogia” Schogetten Limited Edition offers not only three
delicious flavours with “Trilogia Coffee”, “Trilogia Fruit” and “Trilogia Caramel”,
but each of the three flavours also offers a triple, sensational taste experience
in every single piece itself, as well as a delightful sight!

Available from March! Only for a limited time!


February 2017

Schogetten Roasted Corn – Taste of the year 2017

The exceptionally delicious combination of silky smooth Alpine Milk Chocolate
and a delightfully crunchy corn snack with a light salty note.

Available from February!

February 2016

Tasty Combinations: “Cookies &…”

The three flavours “Cookies & Nut”, “Cookies & Berry” and
“Cookies & Peanut Butter” offer surprising combinations of crunchy
cookies and creamy fillings.
Try them now, as they are only available for a short time!

February 2016

Schogetten Vanilla-Wafer – Taste of the year 2016

The heavenly combination of silky smooth alpine milk chocolate,
delicious vanilla filling and wafer bits.

Available from February 2016!

September 2015

Schogetten – Let's cake!

Meet the new, trendy Schogetten “cake flavours” which will be available in
stores as of now. The trio consists of the popular Raspberry Cheesecake,
Blueberry Muffin and Apple Crumble Pie flavours – what better to make the
hearts of chocolate enthusiasts beat faster.

July 2015

Enjoyment to go:

Now in snack packs: As tasty as ever. Handier than ever before.
33 g in 6 delicious varieties. Perfect for on the go and between meals.

July 2015

New: Schogetten Black & White

Delicious alpine milk chocolate, filled with vanilla milk cream and
crunchy dark biscuit bits – a great addition to our assortment.

July 2015

Taste of the year 2015: Caramel Brownie

Unbelievably tasty and absolutely on trend! The exciting combination of
silky smooth alpine milk chocolate, delicious brownie filling and crunchy
caramel bits.